Similan Wonderful islands tour

Similan Wonderful islands

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Similan Islands Highlights

Similan is a Yawi word which means “nine”, so it is called Island No. 9. Similan islands consist of nine islands lying from north to south.The main islands that are tourist attractions are Koh Miang (Island No.4), Koh Payu (Island No.7), Koh Similan (Island No. 8), and Koh Ba Ngu (Island No.9). These islands are famous for beautiful white sand beaches and the water is crystal clear that you can see the fish under the water with your naked eyes. You will surely say “Wow!” when you see the breathtaking underwater world there. And that’s why Similan is rated one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.


Similan Islands Wonders

Underwater, meanwhile, all sorts of marine creatures have helped establish the reefs and the sandy beaches. When you climb up to Sailing Boat Rock, consider the brilliant white sand below. This beach is in large part a product of diligent scraping and nibbling away by organisms such as the parrotfish - an average individual of which species may excrete more than 16 kilos of sand in the course of a year's lunching on hard corals. And there's plenty here to eat. The conditions for coral growth are ideal, with a minimum prevailing sea temperature of about 28oC and exceptionally clear waters. More than 200 species of hard coral alone have so far been identified in this area, while these islands have the greatest profusion of reef fish in Thai waters. In fact, in terms of both marine life and bottom topography, there's more variety than you'll find in most other dive destinations around the world. The Similan Islands has almost everything - coral walls (if we count Koh Bon, to the north, as one of the Similans), big rocks, huge sea fans and barrel sponges, caves, swim-throughs, and plenty of shallows for snorkelling as well. For, although the fringing waters around the islands average from 30-45m dropping down to 70-80m between islands, you'll find coral gardens in as little as six to seven metres.

A Sailor's Fancy

It's best known as a diving and snorkelling destination, but the Similans' scenic moorings are also becoming increasingly popular with the sailing fraternity. Every year more yachts come to cruise the Similans during the northeast monsoon (November-May, with December-February the peak of the high season), drawn by the lovely anchorages, the beaches and forests, the clear waters and teeming marine life. Bareboat sailing charters and sailing-diving cruises may be booked from Phuket. If you are on a yacht that doesn't have scuba gear or a compressor, you can always hire what you need from the diveboats that come out from Phuket on a regular basis. Aside from sailing and diving, more and more day boats are coming out from Phuket and Phang Nga during the high season, bringing with them crowds of sightseers, picnickers, and snorkelers. And Koh Similan National Park has added to its many attractions its role as a stopover on the way to yet newer and more distant undersea frontiers and sailing destinations - areas such as the Andaman Islands, the Invisible Bank and, when they reopen to sport diving, the Burma Banks.




Similan Island 1 day Program

08:00 am.

- Welcome to Private pier check in and have breakfast with coffee and tea, after breakfast our staff will escort you to with drawal snorkeling requipment.


10:10 am.

- The first stop on Koh Miang (Koh 4). Enjoy the beautiful views of the while sand contrasting with the color of the sea, and will meet with the fluna of the Similan Islands, such as Flying foxes and Nicobar pigeon.


10:50 am.

- Head to the island. Payu Island (Koh 7). Enjoy snorkeling species of coral and fish of various species.


11:30 am.

- Arrive at Ba Ngu Island (Koh 9.) is and island with panoramic views of the landscape and spectacular snorkeling among the many brightly colored fish.


12:00 hrs.

- Arrive at Similan Island (Koh 8). Enjoy a delicious lunch buffet style.


13:30 hrs.

- Then after lunch, we are walking up to the viewpoint, which will find a huge boulder shaped like a sailboat called he "Sailing Rock" and you will be impressed with panoramic views from the viewpoint of Similan Island (Koh 8)


15:30 hrs.

- Departure from the Similan Islands to head back to private pier.


 **Please note that the Similan islands are officially open to the public from 15 October until 15 May, but dates may vary each year.


Conditions :

*This program is subject to change without prior notice according to the weather and sea conditions. The trip is not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from any physical disability and children under 1 year old.


Tour Include :

- Speedboat Round trip 
- National Park Fee
- Lunch, Fruits, Snacks and Drinks
- Transport service from hotel in Phuket and Khao Lak
- Mask, Snorkel, A set of fins and Life jacket during the trip
- Beach Towel
- Professional Guide
- Insurance

What to Bring :

- Shorts, T-shirt and your swimwear Sun block or sun tan lotion as you like
- Your favorite hat and cool sunglasses
- Camera 




Adult 3,900 promotion from us 3,400 THB
Children 4 - 12 year old 2,900 promotion from us 2,400 THB
Children under 4 year old **Free of charge**



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