1 hour ATV tour in Phuket


(Daily Program in Phuket)

Phuket ATV is the most well-established ATV in Thailand. Set in 350 acres of wild and fluctuating terrain containing rubber trees, mangroves, hillocks, beaches and jungle, the opportunities here for four-wheel adventure are seemingly limitless. On arrival at the ATV camp we get fitted out with helmets and gloves then, after a safety briefing on the workings of an ATV, our tour guide leads us in figures of eight on a flat piece of ground while we accustom ourselves to the machines (I’m told to relax a little more and to use the footbrake instead of the handbrake). We learn to decelerate into the many gullies and to accelerate out of them.

After a short while, Charles, our English-speaking guide/trainer leads us through some more difficult terrain and it becomes obvious that our 150cc Yamaha ATVs can handle just about anything – in effect it’s the rider’s skills that are tested more than the vehicle. The ATV is designed so that the handlebars cannot snag or bump against trees and other obstacles – rather, the tyres take the impact and it’s almost impossible to overturn. 

Pretty soon we notice more and more sand along the trail and in moments we’re in mangroves then all of a sudden on the beach itself. Here, Charles points out the sights, nearby islands and fauna and then we head back to base camp for a 10-minute breather.

The second hour is much more challenging and is spent careening down narrow jungle tracks, up and down inclines and squelching through muddy puddles “Keep a constant speed through mud,” Charles advises. We then stop by a rubber tree for a quick demonstration in how to obtain the white liquid that eventually is processed into Latex sheets. Soon it’s time to get cleaned up at the extensive bathrooms. We’ve been ‘lucky’ today in that there was no rain but Charles insists that the rainier it is the more fun there is to be had. In fact it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that riding an ATV is Phuket’s most fun rainy day activity. Lastly, we kit up and fly down a wire suspended over a lake to land near the home base – this is the Flying Fox, an exciting climax to a very fun morning. 



Price :


  • Adult 1,900 Baht promotion from us 1,600 Baht
  • Child 1,500 Baht  promotion from us 1,200 Baht (children from 8-15 years)


  • Adult 1,500 Baht promotion from us 1,200 Baht
  • Child 1,200 Baht promotion from us 1,000 Baht (children from 4-15 years)

Tour Schedule :

  • 09.00 am – 11.00 am / 12.00 am – 02.00 pm / 03.00 pm – 05.00 pm

Itinerary :

  • Pick up from Hotel or location by air-con minibus/car to Phuket ATV park.
  • Registration at welcome camp.
  • Gear up and go through pre-ride safety briefing and program orientation given by the instructor.
  • Practice and training on a nice and easy track next to the camp supervised by staff and guide.
  • Enjoy rides on dirt and muddy areas. Go through moderate bumpy trails, work your way through a dense mangrove forest to find the hidden beach.
  • Also seeing the insect eating plant, rubber plantations and palm garden.
  • Back to camp for refreshments, fresh fruits and cold beverages. Then transferred back to hotel or location.


  • Protective gears (helmet and glove), rain coat (on rainy day), drinking water, fruits in season and insurance for rider & passenger (ATV’s damages not covered).

What to Bring:

  • Sport wear (ready to get muddy), sport shoes, sun block, sun cap, sunglasses, dust mask or cloth and insect repellent.


  • The riders must be in good physical and mental condition to ride safely. Therefore, no influence of alcohol and drugs, pregnancy as well as physical problems are not allowed.
  • Children under 16, riding ATVs must be supervised by parents/guardian and tour guide/instructor or tour operator.
  • In case of rider with passenger, acceptance will be under tour operator’s consideration and guests shall accept to sign a waiver form and use protective gears such as helmet, glove etc.
  • During the tour, strictly follow the tour guide/instructor. The tour operator has the authority to stop any risky riding or unpleasant mannerism with no refund.





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