Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea Show

**Amazing theme park you shouldn't miss to visit**

(Daily night time show, except "Thursday")

Phuket Fantasea is the island's biggest show.

With trapeze artists, a cast of hundreds, performing elephants and other animals and an exotic storyline that blends tradition with fantasy you'll have a wonderful evening out here. But the extravaganza doesn't stop there as FantaSea also hosts one of the biggest buffets in Asia and is set in a theme park that offers carnival-like games, lots of shopping opportunities, a Palace of the Elephants, a Similan Adventure Centre and several other food outlets. It's spectacular, it's extravagent, it's impressive and great entertainment value for all. With building designs that are occasionally wacky, over-the-top costumes, and elephants milling about, Phuket Fantasea has all the subtlety of a mouthful of Thai chillies. Phuket FantaSea bills itself as ‘The ultimate cultural theme park’, and it’s tough to come up with a better description. The evening peaks with a stage show, but that’s not the only excitement. There’s a village with an assortment of shopping choices – from T-shirts to beachwear to jewellery – as well as carnival games, elephant rides, and restaurants. Everything is big, bright, ornate, and made to impress. Operations at Phuket Fantasea are slick. They’ll make sure you’re picked up, fed, entertained, and returned safely to your hotel – all without missing a beat. Transitions from Point A to Point B to Point C are seamless, and there’s always plenty of staff around to keep you heading in the right direction. The size of this well-oiled machine is astounding, and makes its flawless execution that much more impressive.

The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant’s

cavernous hall seats 4,000 diners, and does so effortlessly. Two long buffet counters serve a mix of Thai and international food while a changing selection of special dishes get their own kiosks at the front of the room. Wrap up the meal with coffee and a plate of scrumptious bite-sized desserts. The Golden Kinnaree’s golden exterior, with an intricate peaked Thai-style roof and several statues, is a favourite backdrop for an untold number of photos. But it’s not the only photo op. The Palace of the Elephants, a theatre made to look like a majestic, centuries-old palace (think Angkor Wat) is even more impressive. The luxury boutique is clad in shimmering mirrors and brilliant whites. There’s no shortage of ways to pass the time before the show starts. Jump aboard an elephant for a trip around the Songbird Luminarie. Head to Similan Adventure Center, a sea-themed arcade full of games the kids are sure to love. Watch the bartender spin, flip, and toss bottles while dancing a techno-jig at the open-air bar. Shop for that perfect memento; there’s a store (or stall) for every taste and budget. Or visit the photo studio and dress the family in traditional Thai costumes for a unique keepsake.

Phuket Fantasea Main Event The theatre

opens at 20:30 and guests start filing through security. Cameras aren’t allowed inside, and they take it very seriously; everything short of pen and paper that can create an image – must be checked in. Two minutes later you’re in a large hall full of costumed staff, baby elephants, and young tigers, all of which will pose for a photograph with you – for a fee. The show kicks off in grand style at 21:00. The stage is huge, but the performance space is even bigger. Aisles, ceiling, audience – every part of the theatre is used. While the eye is treated to modern effects like smoke, explosions, lasers, rain, soaring people, the brain gets insights into Thai culture in the form of traditional dances from different regions of the country, shadow puppets, and a fascinating wardrobe. It’s not tough to believe elephants can become accomplished actors, but this show also employs goats, roosters, water buffalo, and doves in supporting roles. The story isn’t easy to follow, and it doesn’t matter. Loud and funny moments interrupted by quiet, beautiful interludes do a great job conveying the emotion. The end result is a display that’s as dazzling as the sights outside the theatre. Young children, old children, and adult children all enjoy the show. Tickets cost 1,800 baht per person for just the show or 2,200 baht per adult and 2,000 baht per child (aged 4-12) for the show and a buffet dinner. All tickets include access to the park and its numerous other attractions, though some of them (such as the elephant rides) have an additional cost.

Phuket Fantasea Show, winner of Thailand’s “Best attraction Award” is a unique Thai cultural theme park that any visitor
to Phuket should not miss. Phuket Fantasea adds a whole new dimension to theme park entertainment, with marvelous attractions
not found anywhere else in the world. 

Phuket FantaSea is the ideal all-in-one entertainment venue capable of accommodating any size group for daytime or evening
events in anenchanting atmosphere of tropical splendor and rich cultural ambiance. 

From the creators of Safari World, Thailand’s most popular animal & leisure park comes a new and unique cultural theme complex
Phuket FantaSea that promises to be the ultimate in nighttime entertainment on Phuket. 




PROMOTION from us  Price in Thai Baht per person (THB)

Options         Adult               Child       
Show Only 1,700 1,700
Show + International Buffet Dinner 2,100 1,900
Show + International Buffet Dinner + Transfer 2,400 2,200
Show Only + Gold Seat  2,000 2,000
Show + International Dinner + Gold Seat 2,400 2,200
Show + International Dinner + Transfer + Gold Seat   2,700 2,500
Show + Seafood Dinner + Gold Seat 3,100 3,100
Show + Seafood Dinner + Gold Seat + Transfer 3,300 3,300



* Reservation is recommended. Gold seats, with the best view of show, are available at extra charge.

* Pick up time for transfer trip is about 17.-00 hrs - 18.00 air-conditioned mini bus (For Show and Dinner)


Child & Infant Regulation 

“Child ": Child shall refer to guest whose height is between 101-140 cm or 40-55 inches inclusive , regardless of ages.

“Infants" Infants shall refer to whose height is under 100 cm or 39 inches inclusive, regardless of ages.


*Location on Kamala Beach, just 9 kms from Patong Beach.

*Operating hours: 17:30 - 23:30 every day Except Thursday

*Dinner time: 18:00 - 20:30 hrs

*For buffet Dinner & Show, please arrive before 18:30 p.m.

*For show only, please arrive before 19:30 p.m.

*Show Gate Opens: 20:30 p.m.

*Show Starts: 21:00 p.m.

*Show duration is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes

*The client is advised to be at the theatre 20 minutes before the show starts

*Golden Kinaree restaurant served international food, vegetarian food and Muslim Halal food.

*Bring your camara to take photo at the park, but not allowed to take inside the theater.



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Visitors: 9,180